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Lynne Prescott Hepler

Senior Managing Director, The Schacht Group

Prior to forming the Schacht Group, Ms. Hepler served as a Director in the Chicago office of Navigant Consulting and a senior member of the Insurance & Claims Services practice. Ms. Hepler has achieved well over 25 years of broad-based experience within the insurance industry and insurance regulation, advising clients on a variety of issues, including regulatory matters, project management and consulting services for clients facing litigation, as well as transactions involving complex insurance issues. She has solved regulatory and compliance issues through every phase of an insurance company’s lifecycle, including the formation of an insurer, day-to-day operating issues, and strategies to address troubled companies and run-off.

Professional Experience

  • Prior to joining Navigant Consulting, Ms. Hepler served as a Director with the Insurance Regulatory and Compliance practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, providing extensive regulatory and compliance consulting services to many of the firm’s leading financial services clients. She advised clients on new products, organizing insurance entities, securing regulatory approval for a variety of transactions and regulatory issues in litigation.

  • For nearly a decade, Ms. Hepler served as an executive of a property casualty insurer in Chicago. Her extensive responsibilities at the executive level included the development of long-range strategic marketing initiatives to support organizational growth goals, management and development of a national distribution network, and the development of new products and ancillary services to strengthen the company’s core business. Ms. Hepler was deeply involved in initiatives to help the company rethink not only its corporate architecture, but its product mix, distribution methods, and market expansion, allowing the company to maintain its financial viability. During her successful tenure, Ms. Hepler led the company’s nationwide market expansion efforts, resulting in improved revenue growth, profitability, and customer retention.

  • From 2002-2012, The Schacht Group served as a consultant and advisor to the Board of Directors and management of Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Group, providing direction and assistance in drafting a comprehensive run-off plan, serving as a liaison to the domestic regulator and other regulators across the country, and performing special projects.

    The Schacht Group prepared a comprehensive review and critique of the various compensation schemes Lumbermens had in place, including retention and short and long term incentive plans, to attract and retain qualified management and staff to address the unique challenges presented by a company in run-off. Further, and most importantly, The Schacht Group assisted the Board in selecting a management team to lead the run-off effort. The Lumbermens run-off and its accomplishments and success have been lauded by the insurance industry and its regulators as an example of how to conduct a run-off for the benefit of all stakeholders. Additionally, The Schacht Group was involved with the run-off plan for Triad Guaranty Insurance Corporation, a mortgage insurer that encountered financial difficulty as a result of the mortgage and housing crisis.

Professional History

  • Senior Managing Director,
    The Schacht Group, Inc.

  • Director, Navigant Consulting, Inc.

  • Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP

  • Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, First Nonprofit Mutual Insurance Group, Chicago, Illinois

  • President, Time Saver Inc.,
    Omaha, Nebraska

  • Assistant to E. Benjamin Nelson, U.S. Senator, Nebraska

  • Paralegal Manager,
    Sidley & Austin, LLP

  • Bi-lingual Educator, Wisconsin, Arizona, Illinois


  • Masters in Business Administration, Northern Illinois University

  • Bachelor of Science, Education, University of Wisconsin, Madison (with honors)

  • Lewis University College of Law, Illinois, Legal Studies

  • Arizona State University, Graduate Studies in Education

  • University of Puget Sound,
    Seattle, Washington,

    Graduate Studies in Education