Making Regulation Effective

One of the most impertant ways to make the regulation of insurance companies effective is to assure that those financial examiners and analysts responsible for the financial and regulatory oversight of those companies are kept apprised of the latest emerging issues that impact the financial health of those companies, and the latest regulatory initiatives that are intended to enhance financial regulation.  FEEF was established to provide training and training resources to State insurance regulators at no cost to the States in the anticipation that such training would further effective financial regulation of insurance and protection of policyholders.  That was the fundamental purpose for which FEEF was founded and continues to be its primary purpose to this day.

We Need Your Help

When FEEF was formed, it was fortunate to obtain significant funding from insurance indutry sources that shared the same goals as the FEEF founders., i.e., providing training to financial examiners to enhance effective and cost-effective financial regulation.  However, over the last two decades, funding of FEEF and the worthwhile educational programs which FEEF supports has declined significantly to the extent that the earnings on FEEF's endowment fund has proven insufficient to provide meaningful funding of the programs FEEF has typically supported.  The FEEF Directors have now determined that meaningful financial support of its educational programs is more critical than preserving the principal of the endowment; hence, without support from those who share the goals listed below and for which FEEF was founded, the Foundation will eventually be forced to dissolve.  Your help is desperately needed and requested, and donations of any amount will be greatly appreciated.

  • Supporting the continuing education of Insurance Financial Examiners and Analysts in order to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and meaningfulness of the financial regulation of insurance companies.
  • Providing training and updates on current and future regulatory and solvency initiatives that will affect the insurance industry as a whole.
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